Nanocar Race II - Timeline

After the first announcement in February 2018, 23 teams have declared an interest to participante in the second Nanocar Race. 13 teams from eight countries have sent by mid-2018 their pre-registered form for Nanocar Race II: seven teams are from Europe, two from Japan, two from China, and three from North America. Since the beginning of 2019 and after discussions, the organization committee is proud to announce that already 11 of those 13 teams are actively preparing the Race.

Each selected team has two years to consolidate its design for the announced surface and Nanocar Race class, for the synthesis of the molecule-vehicle and the training. For the final online registration in 2019, each selected Nanocar Race team will have to provide to the organizing committee by January 2020 the following information:

  1. The molecular structure of the molecule-vehicle engaged in the race (xyz file).
  2. STM/AFM image of the molecule-vehicle on selected surfaces for ambient or LT-UHV.
  3. Demonstration that its molecule-vehicle is drivable with no mechanical push.
  4. The definitive list of its sponsors (private, public).
  5. The anticipated name of the pilots which will be in Toulouse for the Nanocar Race II.

In year 2020, a member of the organization committee will visit each team to get a detail knowledge of their preparation level and of the remote control protocol to be used.2021 the European FET OPEN project MEMO (Mechanics with Molecules) is organizing the 2nd international Nanocar Race (Nanocar Race II). All teams will compete at the same time in a remote controlled mode from Toulouse and will meet at the Toulouse CEMES-CNRS G. Dupouy campus (France) in 2021 for about a week for training and then to nanorace via the public network. The competition will be live broadcasted.

Pre-registration Feb 2018: opening Jun 2018: closing
Selection Sept 2018: Meeting of Organising Committee Jan 2019: Decision of Organising Committee
Final registration Jan 2019: Opening Jan 2020: Closing
Nanocar race preparation From Jan 2020 to March 2021
Committee visit to the team During year 2020  
Nanocar Race II Year 2021