Nanocar Race II
@C'Nano Conference


The C’NANO Conference 2021 will take place in Toulouse on November 23-25, 2021 with a MEMO satellite workshop entitled "Single molecule mechanics on a surface: gears, motors and cars". On 23 November 2021 all the Nanocar Race II teams officially registered will present their first molecule-car prototype to the public.

Programme MEMO Satellite Workshop on "Single molecules mechanics on a surface: gears, motors and cars"
23rd November 2021
  • 17:30 F. Moresco (TU Dresden)
    Mechanics with molecules: motors and gears working under the STM tip (plenary lecture)

  • 18:00 Nanocar Race II Teams
    Presentation of Nanocar Race II registered teams
    and their prototypes (life stream via YouTube)

    • 19:30 MEMO Dinner

24th November 2021
  • 9:00 R. Berndt (Kiel) (invited)
    Molecular spin switches and rotors on surfaces

  • 9:45 K.H. Au-Yeung (TU Dresden)*
    Voltage-pulse manipulation of azulene-based single molecules and dimers: the role of the dipole moment

    • 10:15 Coffee

  • 10:45 W.H Soe (CEMES Toulouse)
    Single molecule-gear Mechanics and train on a surface

  • 11:15 R. Gutierrez (TU Dresden)
    Atomistic Modelling of Nanoscale Molecular and Solid-State Gears

  • 12:00 L. Grill (Uni Graz)*
    How to move single molecules: From the nanocar race to molecular telegraphy

    • 12:45 Lunch

  • 14:00 H. Pierre (Strasbourg)*
    Trypticene, sub-phthlocyanine and Ir(III) complexes acting as Molecular Wheels

  • 14:30 Y. Gisbert (CEMES Toulouse)*
    Synthesis of organometallic molecular winch prototype

    • 15:00 Coffee

  • 15:30 F. Lissel (IPF Dresden)*
    DMBI from ´molecular rotors to nanocars

  • 16:00 E. Masson (Ohio)*
    Visio Self-assembling molecular Lego: showcasing the Cucurbituril kit

  • 16:30 tbc

    • 20:00 C'NANO Dinner

25th November 2021
  • 9:00 H. Fuchs (Munster) (Invited)
    From chemical bonds to molecular assemblers

  • 9:45 G. Simpson (TU Graz)*
    Controlling the rotation and translation of a single molecule?

  • 10:30 R. Robles (DIPC San Sebastian)*
    Assembly, diffusion and rotation of organic molecules on a gold surface

    • 11:00 Coffee

  • 11:30 T. Wang (DIPC San Sebastian)*
    Synthesis, manipulation and theoretical modeling of corannulene-based molecules on surfaces

  • 12:00 R. Widmer (EMPA) (Invited)
    Molecular motor at the frontier of classical motion and quantum tunneling

    • 12:45 Lunch

  • 13:45 M. Van Hove (Hong Kong Baptist University), visio
    Mechanics of molecular machines

  • 14:15 X. Lin (Liege)
    Probing the motion of a molecular rotor by single-molecule force spectroscopy

    • 14:45 Coffee

  • 15:15 K. Houtsam (Gröningen) (Invited)
    Towards 2D molecular templates on coinage metals and graphene for single molecule mechanics

  • 15:30 S. Hla (Ohio)*, visio
    Quantum Molecular Machines

* Nanocar Race team